Dive Sites

Enjoy some of our favorite images form the dive sites around Racha Yai, from where we operate year round. Simply by diving of the beach…

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Konkare Bay

Konkare Bay is also called Bay 3 and is located on the South-east coast of Racha Yai Island. There is rocky shore and the coral reef starts from 2-30 m. Marine life with colorful reef fish such as butterflyfish, angelfish, wrasse and parrotfish are common. Further out we also find an artificial reef at 30 m where batfishes play around. Five species of anemone fishes can be discovered here as well as a big school of yellow tail barracuda, giant moray eel, lobster, scorpion fishes, lion fishes, box fishes, Pikachu nudibrachs, sea turtle and so on. The sandy bottoms are also the home of many Kuhl’s stingrays, founder fishes, and garden eels. Ghost pipefish have also been spotted at the sand bottom.

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Luzy Reef

Lucy’s Reef or Bay 4 is located on the right side of Konkare Bay. Only five minutes by boat. There are fringing corals which a lot of colorful reef fish. A big school of two spot snapper is usually playing around in this area. The reef slope start from 5 m. depth until 22 m. O the sandy bottoms are also found many Kuhl’s stingray as well as founder fishes, and garden eels. The reef area has a moderate current running in a north - south direction and vice versa. However, the bay area has no or a very mild current, making it very suitable for beginners and more bla bla bla

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Ter Bay

Ter Bay or Bay 2 locates on the East coast of the Island. Depths are from 5 to 20 m. There are wonderful massive corals and colorful reef fishes such as butterflyfish, angelfish, wrasse and parrotfish swimming leasurly around. Another artificial reef (concrete block) at 20 m sits on the sandy bottom where Kuhl’s stingray hide together withs founder fishes, pipe fishes and garden eel. Ghost pipefish, an uncommon species in this area, have also been spotted at the sand bottom near a big submerged rock.

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Patok Bay

Patok Bay is located on the west coast of Racha Yai Island. Depth range from 5 to 18 m. There are fringing reefs with colorful fish and Reef Balls (artificial reef). This diving site is separated in left side and right side. Reef fish such as parrotfish, grouper, snapper, butterflyfish are common. Some Kuhl\'s stingray\'s shot their backs on the sandy bottom.

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Siam Bay

Siam Bay locates on the north of Racha Yai island. Two big concrete elephants guarding a concrete gate, authentic Thai heritage, make this dive something special. Depths range around 20 m. The dive starts at the mooring line then 20 minutes on the bottom and swimming up to 14 m to the soft coral field and back to shallow water swimming around big submersed rock. Colorful reef fishes such as butterflyfish, angelfish, wrasse and parrotfish are common.

Lah Bay

Lah bay or Bay 1 is located on the north-east coast of Racha Yai island. Depths from 3 to 26 m. This is a good diving site to find sea turtles. They are usually green turtles around and the lucky ones a hawksbill turtles may swim by. On the sandy bottoms are also found Kuhl’s stingrays, founder fishes, and garden eel. Star Ruby is a wreck located also on Lah bay 10 minutes from the beach swimming through reef flat and sand slope to 26 m. Bat fishes and Great barracuda always stay inside the wreck. You want some adventure? Lah bay is your spot!

Racha Noi

Racha Noi island is an hour away from Racha Yai by long-tail boat and is the last island before the open water of the Andaman sea and the Indian ocean. The deeper water provides a more challenging dive condition but visibility and aquatic life are the best. Banana Bay locates on eastern side of the island. This is shallow dive site starting from 3 – 10 m and the hard coral reef slope through 25 m on the bottom with staghorn coral. Marina Bay locates on southwest of the island. The dive can start at 18 m at the bottom down to 30 m. There are flat worms, nudibranchs, mixture of sea fan and sea whips. Racha Noi Bay is located on the south of the island. The dive starts as shallows as 5 m. Then swimming through to the depth to 30 m following the sand slope. Explore the sand bottom and discover flounder, cuttlefish and pipefish. South Tip locates on the south as it\'s name tells us. There are soft corals, fire corals, and sea fans attached to the rock from the shallows to the deep. But the current is very strong running from northeast to southwest. Depth ranging from 12 m in the north to more than 40 m in the south. Large pelagics such as manta rays, leopard sharks are commonly seen here.