Apnea Academy Courses

With one breath of air, minimum equipment, the freediver slips under the surface of the ocean to discover a new world. A world full of life and colors. But most of all, the freediver discovers a world of sensations and feelings inside his mind and his body that cannot be experienced elsewhere. With our partner Andaman Apnea, learn this wonderfull discipline in a safe and professional environment.



Apnea Academy discovery  –  1 day – 2,900 Baht

This course is addressed to anyone who wants to test underwater freediving with minimum equipment, learning relaxation and breathing techniques and to search for the wellness provided by freediving. This basic course opens up the door to discover , in harmony with the environment, the marvelous underwater world, made of lights and colors.

Apnea Academy first level  –  2 days – 5,800 Baht

Represents the first approach to freediving with a complete basic equipment. The objective of the course is to reach controlled freediving by applying relaxation and breathing techniques in order to reach following performances: 1’15” static apnea, 25 m in dynamic and 8 m in dept.

Apnea Academy second level  –  3 days – 8,700 Baht

This course is to improve the relaxation and breathing techniques by taking advantage of the experience acquired in the first level in order to reach following performances: 2’30” in static,50 m dynamic and 15 m depth.

Apnea Academy third level  –  4 days – 13,600 Baht

This course is the highest award for a freediver. By a improvement of its ability to operate in the water, mental and technical training , the free diver will be able to reach 3’ static, 70 m dynamic and 25 m depth.